MULTIPIEGAPLEX 1200 - 2000 - 3000

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Heating machine for bending thermoplastic sheet


This versatile and easy-to-use modular machine is particularly suitable for the multiple, localized, bilateral heating of the sheets, with the possibility of making up to 4 bends in one single operation. By simply detaching the upper heating units and positioning them in battery with the lower ones, the heating zone can be doubled (up to 8 bends). Heating takes place by radiancy without contact, with fully tested, low voltage wire resistances (0-48 V). The Multipiegaplex machine consists of a structure fitted with two aluminium metric guides, housing 2-3-4 double mobile heating sets (upper and lower heating units)and a piece positioning reference square. The heating unit, which permits to obtaing a localized heating zone from 5 to 40 mm is composed of two sheet supporting sections with adjustable opening, cooled by water circulation, which house the wire resistance. Starting and heat adjustment (0-600°) are independent for each set of units (on request for each unit). Position the sheet to be bent and, after setting the heating time on the electronic timer, just work the pedal to start up the operating cycle (upper heating unit descent, pneumatic piece locking with automatic release at end of cycle). We wish to point out that once the piece has been heated it is essential to remove it from the machine and position it on a template to obtain the bending angle required. On request the machine can be supplied complete with electric water cooler


  • Electric power supply 220 V\380 V. TRIF
  • Pneumatic feed 5 Atm
  • Min. centre distance between bends 42 mm
  • Max. centre distance between lst and last bend 1000 mm (STANDARD)
  • Max. working thickness 10 MM
  • Working length 1250 - 2050 mm
  • Resistance adiustment adjustable sheet +-8mm
  • Resistance power 500 Watt/m (approx)
  • Water supply, with or without recycling
  • Piece positioning square with metric rule
  • EEC Safety Standards, Photoelectric cell.








Max bendable length

1250 mm

2050 mm

3050 mm

Max bendable thickness

10 mm


25 0Kg

350 Kg

450 Kg

Overal dimension lenght

1600 mm

2400 mm

3400 mm

Overal dimension width

1100 mm

Overal dimension height

1250 mm




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