Relux 2200 – 3200

Relux 2200 – 3200Relux 2200 – 3200
Relux 2200 – 3200Relux 2200 – 3200
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This machine has been studied to solve definitively all the problems connected to the most complicated operation existing in the methacrylate processing, that is the edge polishing of plates and blocks. Relux has been designed to avoid, in a quite reduced technical time granting an excellent polishing and edges sharp enough to allow a perfect head glueing and absolutely planimetric surfaces which need only to be lightly brightened. Relux design and construction are above all turned to the idea of its working-life in time, its mechanical unexcionability, its assurance, its great flexibility and easy control. We reach all that taking meticulously care of the machine making and preparation, besides the use for electronical, electrical and mechanical componente widly tested by the best Firm.


Two solid side panels, opportunely jointed together by high-tensile steel longerons, form the frame of Relux which is quite well fitted to support every kind of stress without injuring the external appearance which has a nice design. Ground steel workingbench with supplementary steel tables also allowing the working of sizabie plates. lt is possible to work pieces with a lenght exceeding max workable thanks to the gooseneck passage placed on the left of the operator, The carriage, opportunely and carefully dimensioned, is driven by a high precision ball screw with a variable continuous feed speed from 0,10 to 2 m./ min. and a return speed until 7 m./min.

  • Operating multitool-head realized with particular shrewdress (diamonds)
  • Connection device to the exhaust system.
  • Electronical device to lock the feeding when the piece is finished and to carry out the backstroke of the carriage which is already ready for another operation.
  • Safety devices according to the international rules in force EEC.
  • Spindel for work 0-47° with electronical device and display .
  • Continous variable feed speed 0,10 - 2,00 mt./mm.
  • Pass depth 0,1 - 3 m/m
  • Motor power HP 1,5
  • Air 6 Atm
  • Calmps 8

Pressori bloccaggio pezzi 8 – 12 (mod 3200)






Max workabe lenght

2100 mm

3100 mm

Max thickness workable

120 mm

120 mm
65 mm a 45°

120 mm

120 mm
65 mm a 45°


1500 Kg

1600 Kg

1800 Kg

1900 Kg

Overal dimension lenght

2950 mm

3050 mm

3950 mm

4050 mm

Overal dimension width

1050 mm

Overal height

1450 mm



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