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Entrepreneurs for 115 years.
Professionalism, quality, business continuity, as the best guarantee!

In the early '70s to support Malvino Giuseppe joined the company his son Clemente, the founder's grandson, who with the creation of theMalcolm Italiana” in the mid-80 initiates this new experience in the world of plastics.

The company immediately stands out for its technologies, specializing in the production and sale of machines for processing of thermoplastic sheets, PVC, PC, PP, etc., and in particular methacrylate (PMMA - plexiglass) so as to be one of the first international companies to propose innovative grinding polishing machine for acrylic "Relux" designed to solve the problems associated with the operation more complex than exists in the processing of methacrylate, ie, the polishing of the edges in the plates, and then integrating their production with series of machines heating for bending thermoplastic sheets PMMA, pVC, PC, etc.. With top of the range, the "Piegaplast Automatic" automatic machine, the best the market can offer for bending thermoplastic sheets.

The new millennium saw the merger of the "Malvino Clemente" and "Malcolm Italiana" in one company the "MALCOMPLAST ENGINEERING" led by the current owner Malvino Clemente.

Thanks to years of experience and high technology machinery, the company ranks among the leading companies in the field, boasting clients all over the world and a new office in functional and spacious rooms that allow a greater operational and support the continuous and constant expansion.

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